Thursday, 3 September 2015

On The Road Again - Day 13

Today we made our way through the hills of Kentucky into Cincinnatti, OH.

Of course, while travelling through Kentucky, we had to stop at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.  So we made our way to the very first restaurant that Sanders opened in Corbin, KY.   

As we approached Cincinnatti, we detoured to a cool little spot in Covington, KY (in a residential neighbourhood) that we heard about.  There's a hill that actually moves your car up hill when in neutral! 

Our first stop in Cincinnati was the National Underground Railway Freedom Centre. 
This was a fantastic museum, and really rounded out our trip perfectly...summarizing much of what we had learned and had seen over the past week. 

Logan was feeling a bit tied down, so we crossed the street to Smale Riverfront Park.  

This was a super fun park with entertainment for kids of all ages! It is located right beside the Roebling Suspension Bridge.

It was really hot, but we had fun playing in the park! 

We headed back to the car to go to our hotel.  We detoured through the city, and found many boarded up houses, shops and buildings.  

We checked into the hotel to rest up for tomorrow's trip to Cleveland! 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

On The Road Again - Day 12

Our first stop today was in Chatanooga Tenessee: Ruby Falls!

Ruby Falls is a series of caves which leads to an under ground waterfall.  We walked about a mile under ground past illuminated rock formations with silly names before reaching the falls.

We continued making our way to Knoxville, but before checking into our hotel, we made a stop at Ijams Nature Centre.  

We did a little hike through the nature centre which took us to a river Boardwalk. It was really pretty looking out  over the Tennessee River.

We checked into our hotel, then headed out to Knoxville's Market Square.  There was a really cool Guelph-like vibe in the square, complete with a water fountain/splash pad.  We found a great little restaurant to enjoy a southern dinner! (Simon and I both tried fried chicken and waffles!)

Tomorrow we go to Cincinnatti.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

On The Road Again - Day 11

We left Savannah today, and this is the part of our trip where we start rounding our way back up to go home.  We are spending tonight in Atlanta, GA but have a couple of stops planned on our way there.

We couldn't head to Atlanta without looking for a few Walking Dead filming sites.  So we made our first stop at the film studio.  

This was on our way to a town called Senoia. Senoia is a super cute place that is used as "Woodbury" in the show Walking dead. 

It's also the town used in Driving Miss Daisy, Drop Dead Diva and Fried Green Tomatoes (among others). 

We popped into a Walking Dead store which also had a little museum of show props in the basement. 

After stretching our legs, we got back in the car to head to Atlanta. But on our way out of town we saw movie cranes and crew, filming an episode of walking dead.  We couldn't get close, but it was exciting just knowing they were down the street.

We got to Atlanta and checked into our hotel.  Angus, Logan and I took a walk in the Centenial Olympic Park.  There was a music and water show at the fountain, which quickly turned into a splash pad as soon as it was over! Logan got some good play time in before we went back to the hotel to rest up! 

Tomorrow we continue North to Knoxville, TN. 

Monday, 31 August 2015

On The Road Again - Day 10

Today we explored Savannah! We woke up and booked a tour on a trolley.  We were picked up at our hotel and traveled around the historic district.

This was a great way to see the city! ...but exploring on foot is always a bit more personal! We took Simon down to River street...

Then we continued on our tour.  After we completed the tour loop, we decided to hop off the trolley and explore some areas by foot. 

Forsyth park was a great spot where Logan (and Simon) could run around and play in the playground.

We toured inside the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

Made a stop at one of the many town squares.  This one (Chippewa Square) might look familiar.  Just in front of that cement wall once stood a park bench.  This is where Forrest Gump told us about how life is like a box of chocolates! 

This steeple is across the street....the feather in the opening credits was dropped from here!

We detoured through the Colonial Park cemetery (said to be haunted!)   

Before returning to our hotel to get ready for dinner.  Simon and I decided to go back to a stop we learned about on our trolley tour for a ghost tour in the evening.   So we grabbed a (huge) pizza from Vinny Van Gogos in the city market for a quick bite. 

We made our way to one of the most haunted buildings in Savannah...the Sorrel-Weed house (known as the pumpkin house).  It has a wicked past and has been featured on a number of ghost hunter shows.  We got EMF detectors, and did some hunting of our own! It was lots of fun! 

...we finished the night with another cone from Leopold's...delish!