Sunday, 23 August 2015

On The Road Again - Day 2

Today was all about amusement parks!  We started out in Knoebels.

Which is a free admission, free parking, awesome park!  You pay per ride...and on average, each ride costs about $1.75.   They welcome you to bring a picnic and come and go as you please.

There's something awesome about hand painted signs.  I really think it's a lost art! 

This place was truly a throw back to the amusement parks of the past.  They even had cassette tapes (of carousel tunes) and VHS tapes of the history of old fashioned carousel's for sale in the gift shop.

There were perfect rides for Logan, and some good roller coasters and fun rides for the big kids! 

It was super fun, and someone was totally tuckered out by the time we finished up!

We had some snacks in the park (if you go - you have to try the Frips!) - and a little lunch in the car before heading south to Hershey, PA!

The town is cute with street names like "Chocolate Ave" and "Cocoa Way".

We checked into our hotel, had a quick rest before heading out to explore Chocolate World!

There is a large Park area with a concert theatre, amusement park and Store area.  We decided that we wanted to stick to the Chocolate stuff, and skipped the park.

First, we did the "factory tour" - which wasn't unlike the 'It's a Small World' Ride at Disney.  We hopped into a cart that took us around and showed us a fun artificial factory, all while being sung to by happy milking cows!  The ride was actually fun, and ended with a free sample of chocolate!

Then we signed up for a chocolate tasting experience where we learned a bit about where chocolate comes from, and the proper way of tasting and evaluating chocolate.

Did you know that Hershey's Chocolate's signature flavour is known for having hints of old cheese!? Think about that the next time you're sucking on a Hershey's kiss!

After some exploring around the (huge) chocolate shop, we headed to a restaurant for dinner, and back to the hotel for a rest.  Tomorrow we head to Washington, DC!

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