Saturday, 22 August 2015

On The Road Again!

We are on the road again….with one less person and two feet of trouble!  Connor has decided to stay home this time, and we’ve brought our little ball of energy, Logan! Planning a trip with a toddler is so much different than planning with two teenage boys!!! 

We departed yesterday afternoon around 2pm. Ontario driving sucks the big one and it took us what felt like forever to get out of traffic on the QEW.  But as usual, as soon as we crossed the border, it was smooth sailing.

We only had one stop planned for a picnic dinner on day one.  The main goal in being to get a ton of driving out of the way quickly…and during bed time for the little!

Our first (and only) stop was in Letchworth State Park - The Grand Canyon of the East!  

This was actually a pretty nice park! There were cabins for spending the night, or camping areas.  Tons of gorgeous trails and beautiful scenery.  If we had more time, we would have loved to explore.  But since we didn’t arrive until 6pm, we only had 2 hours of daylight to enjoy the view.  

It certainly wasn’t the Grand Canyon, but it was gorgeous none the less.  We also enjoyed checking out the waterfalls!

After a quick picnic dinner, we headed back out and made our way to Danville, PA.  Logan fell asleep in about 2 minutes, and slept the rest of the drive!  We arrived at our hotel for a much needed rest at around 12am.  

Today we’re making the short trip to Hershey, PA! - Chocolate World!!!!

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