Sunday, 18 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 16 & 17

It's hard to believe that today is our last fun day of this Great American Road Trip!

We are definitely feeling the effects of travelling, and time zone changes, but we're determined to enjoy our final day exploring Chicago.  The hubbs and I have been here before, but it was cold, and that made it difficult to explore on foot! Plus, we were not on Route 66 mode at that time.  

We started our day the way that all Route 66 trips should either start or end: Breakfast at Lou Mitchell's.  The mother road used to start at their door step (before it became a one way street headed in the wrong direction). 

This place was super busy, super efficient and super good! While waiting in line which extended down the street, the hostess walked up and down the line serving guests fresh baked doughnut holes.  Upon being seated, it has always been tradition that the women are given a box of Milk Duds...amazing!

After breakfast we headed down the street to the current official starting point of Route 66 in front of the Chicago Art Centre. 

We said our final farewell to this amazing highway before exploring the rest of the city.  

Our first stop was the Buckingham Fountain. It was beautiful - and I could not stop singing the 'Love & Marriage' song from Married with Children!

From Grant Park we made our way to Millennium Park to check out The Bean, and The Crown Fountain. 

The Crown Fountain was fun, as lots of people were splashing and playing in the water.  It was hot, so it felt good to cool our feet in the water!

Continuing on, we headed to the Magnificent Mile were we stopped for a picture of the infamous Chicago theatre - and of course, enjoyed some Chicago mix popcorn from Garret's across the street. 

We enjoyed looking at all of the stones tucked into the architecture of the Tribune Towers.  Apparently the guy who built it had reporters from WW2 send him pieces from various structures from all over the world.  We had fun trying to figure out how someone cold have brought home a brick from the pyramids of Egypt, and the Great Wall of China (among other notable places).

We had a traditional Chicago Deep Dish pizza for dinner, before heading to Navy Pier.

We were feeling too tired to stick around for the fire works display.  But we had a good ride on the Ferris wheel before calling it a day.

Tomorrow we drive home.  We are all a bit relieved to be heading back to our own beds, but also a bit sad to put this journey behind us.  After months of planning and researching for this adventure, we can now say "been there" and "done that" to some of America's greatest sights and scenery!

There is something about travelling and sharing experiences that brings people closer together.  During this trip we have shared a lot of laughs, made new "inside jokes", and experienced changing landscape, culture and life, daily.  It is somewhat fitting that out last day is also our one year wedding anniversary.  I can't wait to find out what adventures are in store next for this family of ours!

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