Saturday, 19 August 2017

Drive Me To The Moon - Day 1


We departed Guelph today on what is becoming an annual family road trip. 

This time we're chasing the eclipse and trying to make our way to totality in Tennessee. 

Also, our family has grown again since our last trip! Hamish is our sweet baby who was the reason why we booked this trip last minute.  The problem is that Mr. Mish happens to hate being in the car!  The possibility of driving for days with a crying baby was not appealing at all.  At the last minute, we decided to just go for it, and we'd make it work!

We have mastered the art of packing a car, and worked it out so that there is a seat for me in the back if I need it to sit with Hamish.

We left guelph today at 2:30pm and made it as far as London before Hamish needed a car break!

However....after he had a full belly, we continued on our way.  After a quick stop just outside of Detroit for dinner, we arrived at our hotel in Toledo, Ohio at around 10:30pm.  We settled into our hotel quickly and crashed for the night!!

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