Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Drive Me To The Moon - Day 5


This morning we said goodbye to Pigeon Forge and started making our way back home.  Logan said farewell to the dinosaurs at Jurassic Park’s front entrance, and we were off.

We covered a lot of ground today, stepping foot in 4 states.

We headed out on the highway passing by the grand guitar in Bristol, TN and eventually reaching Virginia.  We stopped at the welcome centre for a picnic lunch and stretched our legs before continuing on our way.

Virginia was a gorgeous place to drive through, as we drove through and around gorgeous mountains and forests. 

As we entered West Virginia we continued to enjoy the scenery and the huge bridges that passed over massive canyons.  

We stopped to stretch our legs at New River Gorge Bridge which is the largest single span arch bridge.

We eventually reached Pittsburg PA at around 11pm with two sleepy heads.  We wished that we hadn’t had such a driving intense day and would have liked to have enjoyed the journey a bit more.  We ended the day a bit road weary, and ready to rest for our continued drive home tomorrow.

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