Sunday, 27 August 2017

Drive Me To The Moon - Day 6


We woke up this morning and wanted to do a little bit of exploring in Pittsburgh.  We were staying downtown and headed into the market square where we had breakfast on a patio in the middle of the farmers market. 

We went for a little stroll around the neighbourhood and walked out on to the 6th street bridge.  From the bridge we could see 2 stadiums and Logan counted 5 bridges!

We headed back to our hotel to check out and made our way to the Carnagie Science Centre.  There Logan had a blast exploring the space exhibit, as well as a water exhibit, body exhibit and eventually making our way out to the USS Requin Submarine.

the submarine was very exciting for Logan as we walked through, he was eager to try to understand what all the gadgets were for, and was excited at the idea of being under the water.

After lunch we decided to head back out on the road to make the 5 hour drive home (which actually took more like 8 hours with stops).

We were sad to conclude our road trip today, as we’re never really ready to stop exploring! We’re already planning our next adventure!

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