Monday, 25 June 2018

Road Trip to Cape Cod - Day 2

Day 2 - Monday June 25, 2018

We stayed in bed late this morning after a bit of a rough night with some noisy neighbours. 

After doing so much driving yesterday, our first stop was to spend some time outside and get our legs moving.  We headed out to the Dr. Seuss national memorial sculpture garden.  The garden is located amongst some gorgeous buildings in one of the historic areas in Springfield, MA.  The garden has a lovely path leading around several sculptures featuring well known Seuss characters.  We enjoyed looking at them all, and Logan especially loved pointing out all of the pink flowers and butterflies that he thought I might like to take home for my birthday (which is in October).

When we were finished at the garden we headed to Forest Park.  A large park that reminded us of Central Park in NY.  It had lovely ponds, boats, trails, and a zoo.

We did a little walk around the water garden area where we spotted fish, frogs and turtles!

Then went to the playground to burn off some more energy!

We decided to check out the zoo while we were there.  But i didn’t feel like it was a must-do.  The zoo was okay…small enough to see in an hour and had a large variety of creatures.  

Logan was captivated by the spider monkey and asked us if he could shoot webs (like spider man). 

By the time we finished at the zoo, we were ready for lunch and a good car nap as we continued on to Cape Cod. 

We reached our hotel around 4:00 and checked in before going out again.  We finished our peanut butter sandwiches and headed back out to explore an area that I heard is popular for spotting seals.  Theres a fishing pier in Chatham where the Seals like to hang out in hopes of finding scraps.  No wonder there are shark sightings here every year! There were so many seals! …and They’re really big!!!

My phone died before we left.  But the kids were beyond thrilled.  This was the highlight of the day for sure.  I think there’s truly something magical about seeing wild animals in their natural habitat (vs the zoo from earlier today).  Every time a seal lifted it’s head, both Logan and Hamish would squeal with excitement.  

We headed down to the sand beside the pier where the boys started working on throwing hand fulls of sand and sea shells back into the water.  They were soaked, and filthy! It was a blast!

Wrapped in towels, we headed back to the hotel for the night!

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