Friday, 2 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 1

Over the past month or so the hubbs and I have been busy getting things ready, confirming reservations and packing our bags.  Finally today, after many months of research and planning, we are on the road and have officially started our Great American Road Trip!

Our lego family on the road!

As planned, our day one was really non eventful...the goal for today was just to get out the door in one piece and cross the boarder.  With our audio books downloaded, play lists ready and bags packed, we managed to get on the road around 1:30 or so.  We started heading West down the 401 and crossed the boarder in Sarnia.  This is was by far the fastest and nicest boarder crossing experience either of us has ever had!  The boarder patrol lady was actually friendly, and the line was minimal.

our lego family crossing the boarder

Across the boarder we continued West along the I69 to Lansing, Michigan were we checked into our hotel, and grabbed a bite for dinner.  We picked up some fruit and sandwich stuff at the grocery store in our giant Costco cooler and are now just hanging out.  After a day of excitement and stress, the boys are all in the hotel pool burning off some energy and refreshing before bed.  (Angus is also testing out the new waterproof camera inspired by Ms. Tiffany)

Tomorrow will be a long day as we merge on to the historic Route 66 and make our way to St. Louis.  Get ready for some super cheesy photo ops, and interesting stops!

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