Sunday, 4 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 3

Today was so much fun!

After a little picnic breakfast we headed out to our first stop of the day: the St. Louis City Museum.  It was absolutely amazing!!  I was really excited about going here, and so were the boys...and it did not disappoint!!  I would highly recommend this stop for families with kids of all ages, and the young at heart.  A tip for families with young children: this place is a zoo....put your name and number on your kids arm with a sharpie...they will likely get lost!

We went straight up to the roof when we arrived, where we rode on a Ferris wheel, climbed through airplanes suspended in the air, as well as crazy mazes of tubes that winded and criss crossed in the sky.  

When we were finished on the roof we made our way back sliding down the 10 story slide!! This was legitimately awesome! 

We found ourselves at the base of a cave, and explored in almost pitch blackness through narrow holes, and up small tunnels.  

After a picnic lunch in the car, we headed back for a little bit more fun on the indoor mazebefore finally   calling it quits with aching arms, legs and abs....this is the only time i have ever left a museum feeling like I had a full body work out!!...I would strongly recommend that anyone who goes here should wear full shoes, and no skirts!

We headed back to the hotel for a short refresher, and then headed back out to explore the area around the Gateway Arch.  The Arch is known as the Gateway to the West, and is situated on the edge of the Mississippi River.  

This is where we decided that we had to do a Mississippi River Cruise.  Although there was not a ton of sites to be seen from the cruise, we felt that this was a good experience...because who wouldn't want to be able to say that they floated down the Mississippi on a River Boat playing Louis Armstrong music?!

After docking from our tour, we made our way to the base of the Gateway Arch where the boys and I lined up to take the journey to the top.  Getting to the top of the Arch is an experience in itself - very different from the CN tower or the Empire State travel to the top in a 4 foot tall futuristic pod that seats 6 people.  Once reaching the top the crowd of people are corralled into a tiny hallway where you can look out the tiny windows at the surrounding city and river.

Once meeting back up with the Hubbs, we decided that we were starving!  Because life is short, we decided to eat dessert first and made our way to an old St. Louis Route 66 landmark: Ted Drewes Frozen Custard.  We all thoroughly enjoyed's not unlike ice cream - just creamier!  I had lemon crumb flavour.  

From Ted Drewes we picked up a light dinner and headed back to the hotel where we have all checked back into our electonic devices and are resting up for or next adventure!  Tomorrow we are back on the road!

xo Chris.

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