Friday, 9 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 8

Today was another busy, but entertaining day!

We were in Albuquerque and had our first opportunity to explore the town this morning.  The first thing on our list was to do our own mini Breaking Bad Tour! We were first delighted to spot the car wash that was Walter White's work place in the show...

....but this was nothing compared to standing in the drive way of Walter White's house!!  

The owner of the home happened to be outside when we drove by, so the hubs and I got out of the car to chat with her.  She explained that she has over 400 cars drive by each month, with people from all over the world!  It was bizarre...the house was just in a normal neighbourhood with no maker or anything identifying it. On some level I felt sorry for the lady! But she was kind enough to let us take pictures.

From here, we headed to the Sandia mountains.  This was a beautiful sight as we pulled up to the pinkish granite rock mountains (named Sandia - meaning Watermelon).  We travelled to the mountain to take the journey to the top on board the Sandia Peak Tramway.  The tram takes approximately 15 minutes to get to the top as we travelled to above 10,000 feet.  It was an experience in itself to hop off at the top and instantly feel that the temperature was at least 10 degrees cooler.

We took a little walk around and took some pictures before heading back down.

Once down, we found our way to Nob Hill which is the historic part of Albuquerque where Route 66 once weaved its way through town.

We found a cute vegan Thai restaurant to have lunch in, which was a nice change from picnics and diner food.

When we left Nob Hill, we continued heading west towards Arizona...but not without a few stops along the way.  We found ourselves in native land, where there was a nice land marker pointing out a Laguna church built between 1800 and 1808.  

We also made a stop to look at the old laval flows from a near by dormant volcano.  

Continuing, we made a stop to check out the land marker for the continental divide.  This was a great stop and view of the land that divides the land from the rainfall that drains into the Pacific Ocean to the west, or the Atlantic the east.  

We made our way to Gallop, NM where we stopped for a picnic dinner before crossing the boarder into Arizona.

We stumbled upon the Yellowhorse gift shop built into a large cave which divides itself down the middle between New Mexico and Arizona.

We drove into the sunset as we arrived in Hobrook, Arizona where we are staying tonight.  We arrived in time to watch the sun go down outside of our hotel room - which is super cute!! We are staying in a wigwam tonight, and the parking lot is littered with beautiful vintage cars!

Time to rest up for tomorrow - tomorrow is another full day and we are doing something that I'm super excited about!!

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