Thursday, 8 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 7

Today was really all about enjoying the scenery of New Mexico. 

We enjoyed chatting with the owners of the Blue Swallow briefly this morning over a cup of coffee and a fresh baked muffin before heading out for the day.  

Our first planned stop of the day was the Billy the Kid Museum in Fort Sumner, NM.  However, we were blown away by the change in landscape as we headed south into the desert, and pulled the car over on a deserted stretch of highway just to get out and listen to the sound of nothing. 

 Aside from the odd bird, or lizard, there was really no sign of life.  In fact the only real proof most of the time that people inhabited this land was the odd ranch land marker, and the stretches of road.

After a brief break, we continued on our way.  

Eventually we reached the town of Fort Sumner which proudly displays that it is the home of the final resting place for Billy the Kid.  We followed the signs directing us to the grave site where we stopped to take some pictures.  

We headed into town where we made a stop at the Billy the Kid museum where we learned about the significance of this town in the Wild West.  

From the Billy the Kid museum we continued heading south towards Roswell, NM where we enjoyed some pretty authentic Mexican food for lunch before meeting our tour guide for the day: Denis Balthasar.  Dennis is a  self-employed Roswell expert and has spent many years researching to learn about the "incident" back in 1947.  

We enjoyed his commentary as he showed us around the town and pointed out important facts, landmarks and conspiracies around the mysterious "weather balloon" crash in Roswell back in July  1947.  It was almost bone chilling as we sat in front of the airplane hanger that was used to load the pieces of the "weather balloon" to be taken away from this town.  It was interesting listening to him as he was clearly an expert, and had obviously done a lot of research as he explained to us all of the first hand interviewing he has done.

We were only slightly disappointed that we didn't actually see any aliens - the closest thing we saw was the inside of a McDonald's shaped like a flying saucer as we sipped on cold drinks (and the light posts made to look like alien  heads).

After wrapping up in Roswell, we headed north west towards Albuquerque, NM. We were again blown away by the continuously changing landscape.

Albuquerque looks beautiful, and we are looking forward to exploring it in the morning.  For now, we are sitting poolside in the courtyard of our resort-like hotel, sipping on complementary wine!

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