Saturday, 3 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 2

Although we spent a lot of the day today in the car, we had fun!

After eating breakfast at the hotel, we were on the road headed for our next destination: St. Louis.  However, this trip is not about reaching any particular's truly about the journey.  We drove most of the day at a leisurely pace, without stress to get anywhere at any time and we began, where our journey will end, as we drove past the outskirts of Chicago.  

From the outskirts of Chicago we started making our way South and (not including a couple of bathroom breaks) our first stop of the day was in Wilmington, Illinois.  We stopped at the old Launching Pad Drive-in (which happened to be closed), but standing proudly beside the road welcoming us into the parking lot was the Gemini Giant.

This beauty is one of many Giant statues along the route attracting tourists to establishments off the beaten path.  We had fun taking pictures with Gemini, and ate a picnic lunch - stopping periodically to take pictures for other tourists posing with the giant.

From there we continued south towards the town of Lincoln, Illinois where we found the "worlds largest covered wagon" with an equally giant Abraham Lincoln perched in the drivers seat.

After a few quick pictures, we made our way to the home town of Mr. Lincoln: Springfield!

...not this one....

that's better.

While in Springfield we explored the neighbourhood that Abe grew up in with it's wooden sidewalks, big porches and gas lanterns.  Unfortunately all of the tours were sold out, but we were able to brows around on our own.  

From the Lincoln home, we headed to a true Route 66 landmark and our first Route 66 diner experience: The Cozy Dog Drive In.  This is the home of the ver first corn dog - invented at the World's Fair in St. Louis.  

From famous corn dogs to famous condiments, we travelled through Collinsville, Illinois where we spotted the "World's largest Catsup Bottle".

It wasn't far from here that we caught our first sight of the Gateway Arch, and found our hotel in St. Louis.  

We are looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow!

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