Friday, 16 August 2013

Great American Road Trip - Day 14 & 15

When we planned this trip, we knew that coming home we could either divide our driving up into 4 days, and do pretty much nothing between Colorado and Chicago - or drive like mad for two days and then spend a day in the Windy City.

So...we decided to just drive like crazy for 2 days.  

We drove East yesterday, seeing the mountains disappear behind us as we headed for Nebraska.  All along this trip we have continuously been in love with the changing scenery.  

Nebraska, however, is boooooring!  It was a lot like driving down the 401 - not too thrilling.  So we were glad to get to our hotel for the night, which had a nice pool for us to swim in.  

Leaving Nebraska we were looking forward to getting to Chicago - but it required a FULL day of driving.  We were glad to see Nebraska behind us as we crossed into Iowa...

...however, Iowa is as exciting as Nebraska.  So we rigged up something where we could hold the iPad up on the sun visor with bungie cords, hooked it into the stereo in the car, and watched the National Lampoon's Vacation movie.  It was fun to compare their trip to ours, and to see some of the sights that we visited.

We finally made it to Chicago just in time to see the sun go down and have time to rest up before a big day tomorrow! 

Looking forward to touring around the city!

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