Monday, 16 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road

We've made our way back out on the road! This time we brought just the littlest adventurer in our family and headed to Iceland!

We managed to sneak this trip in only weeks before Logan turns two.  This was great for our trip budget, as we only paid a nominal fee for him to fly! 

The airport was super exciting for Logan! He's learned a lot about travel at daycare...and he LOVES his airplanes! 

Watching the planes come and go, as well as the "trains" aka luggage carts made the time fly by! And before we knew it, we were boarding the plane! 

Logan was quite cozy on my lap! He cheered gleefully "weeee" when we were taking off! After several snacks and a few laps around the plane, he settled in for the night! 

If only it was so easy for all of us to sleep on a plane! We took off at 7pm and it got dark about an hour into the flight.  Not long after that, the sky was a pretty pink sunrise!

When we landed it was 4:50am and sunshine! We knew that we would need a rest so we headed straight to our hotel down the street.  Unfortunately, someone decided that he was done sleeping.  So now here we sit while Angus turn will surely come later! 

Top 3 tips for flying with a toddler:

1. Book an aisle seat! Walking around the airplane was essential to the success of our flight!

2. Pack all the snacks! Plan for a new snack every 20 minutes! Eating kept him settled and happy during the awake times....there was one occasion that candy was the only thing stopping him from a melt down! ....bring a sucker or two!

3. Before take off...find a few minutes to set up your space! Keep the essentials in the seat pocket: water, books, snacks, and one thing we wished we brought was an iPad loaded with a movie or two..or and ap!


  1. Congrats to Logan on his first flight! Great pic at the airport.Sleep will come, hopefully not when something exciting is being passed.

  2. Have a blast and I can't wait to hear all about it! Xox

  3. Yay!! Way to go Logan...and mom and dad!! Have a blast my friends :)