Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road - Day 8

We woke up this morning in Akureyri with high hopes of seeing whales! We were not disappointed! Across the street from our hostel was a whale watching company, and we were able to hop on the 9am boat!

Logan was not thrilled with wearing his "boat coat" again, but got over it pretty quickly.

When we left the dock, we almost immediately saw dolphins jumping in the bay.  It wasn't 5 minutes later that we saw our first whale.  Logan's initial reaction was to say "cute!"

We saw a few whales after that first one, and it was always exciting to see them blow the water!

This boat that we were on was nice because there was an indoor area where we could take Logan to sit out of the wind. 

3 hours was a little bit long for this guy, but the hot chocolate helped to provide some entertainment!

After the boat ride, we had our lunch, and started to make our way around the Tröllaskagi peninsula.  We had heard many reviews about how magically breath taking this drive would be.  We found it to be a bit lacklustre...perhaps because we had already seen some beautiful drives in the East that were very similar to this one.  Also, the drive was taken up by many one way 6-8km long mountain tunnels which took away from any views. 

We were all pretty tired, and found this little spot to have a 30 minute car nap!!

We made our way to our hostel in Sauðárkrókur in North-West Iceland.  After spending all day in the car, we took Logan for a run on the beach where he was very excited to find lots of sea shells to throw in the water!

Tomorrow we drive to the Snæfellsnes peninsula!

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