Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road - Day 5

The majority of today was spent covering some ground as we traveled through the East Fjords.  These were beautiful large inlets along the east that had us weaving in and out along the coast.  The views were phenomenal! Also..the pictures do not do any justice as far as capturing the cliffs that the road is situated on!

We took a little car break in a cute little town called Djúpivogur.  Logan was again impressed by the boats!

There was a perfect little field beside the harbour that Logan played soccer in as we stretched our legs for a bit!

Back on the road, we continued to travel beside the sea, between and through the mountains.

As we got higher into the mountains, we started to encounter snow... well as lots of cloudy fog!

On our travels we encountered a beautiful waterfall (Gufufoss) and decided to get out and stretch our legs again.  

Logan took this as another opportunity to throw rocks into the water!

Down the road a little way, we came to a gorgeous little arts village called Seydisfjordur where we took a stroll around. 

We checked into our hotel in Egilstardir and decided to go back out for a bit.  We drove to Borgarfjörður Eystri  to see the Puffins!  This trip was a challenging drive through the mountains....and on pretty sheer cliffs!

As we drove along this dirt cliffside road, we found a plaque explaining that this road is haunted by a monster! ...but there have not been any recent attacks ;)

Most of the Puffins had gone to bed for the night, but there were thousands of little puffin houses in the hills here.  A few came out to say "hello"!

Logan was equally impressed by the seagulls...he perfected his seagull squawk! 

This little area is also home to the Lindarbakki hairy house which we stopped to snap a picture of. 

We made our way back to the hotel for the night...and Angus was super excited to travel on the same road back!

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