Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road - Day 3

We were all looking forward to getting back on the road today! After a quick breakfast in our car, we made our way to our first stop, Seljalandsfoss Waterfall.  Logan was excited when we arrived yelling "Water-fall!"

One of the coolest parts of this waterfall was that you can actually walk behind it! We all got a bit wet, but it was super pretty and really neat.

Logan's highlight was climbing the stairs and holding onto the rope fences!
...and of course, throwing rocks in the water!

We finished up at the waterfall and headed out to the Eyjafjallajökull Erupts visitor centre.  We watched a little movie about the volcanic eruption from 2010 that grounded thousands of flights to and from Europe.  It was focused on a farmstead located directly below the volcano.  It was interesting to learn that the biggest issue for the farm was flooding due to melting of the glacier on top during the eruption.

We made our way back out on the road.... to see our next stop, Skógafoss Waterfall.We couldn't walk behind this one, but we were able to get nice and close!

On the way to our next stop, we came across the base of this glacier on Katala.  We were able to drive right up close to the base.  Logan was sleeping in the car, so Angus and I took turns.  He took a walk right up to the glacier and touched it. When he came back it was my turn!I got quite close, but being all by myself was a bit scary.  And the signs reading "unstable ground" and "beware of quick sand" had me a bit nervous.  So I didn't get close enough to touch it...but I'm okay with that!

We continued down the road to our next stop, Dyrhólaey Nature Reserve.  It was high up on the cliffs looking out over the black beaches and the ocean.  It was super windy at the Nature Reserve, so we didn't stay for too long before heading out towards Vik.

We were quite excited to see the Puffins! Logan kept saying "Hi Puffin!"

It was quite late again and we hadn't eaten dinner yet! So we stopped at this little picnic area, and tried to cook our dinner.  It was far too windy, and decided to head to our hostel for the night.

This is our hostel....directly below the volcano and glacier that we had learned about erupting in 2010!

Tomorrow we make our way to Höfn!

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