Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road -Day 1

Today was a day to acclimatize after our over-night flight.

We packed up after our morning rest and met our rental car at noon.  

While waiting for our rental company, we got our first real glimpse of the scenery! There are snow capped mountains! 

Our rental company was late meeting us, but they made up for it.  We had booked a Yaris, but they didn't have one available, so they've given us an SUV!  This means that we can take any road we want to without restrictions, and we can all fit very comfortably! 

Once we loaded the car, we headed off to Reykjavik to check into our hostel. 

Once we checked in, we had a snack and couldn't resist another nap! We slept much longer than we had hoped...but the sun was still shining, so we decided to go explore a bit.  We will be returning to Reykjavik so we weren't too worried about seeing everything! 

Our first stop was Hallgrimskirkja Church...notice the time on the clock tower and how light it is! The sun hasn't set yet...and it was still quite light out even after the sun went down. 

Then we walked down to the harbour front where Logan was fascinated by the water and mountains! 

We also saw the sun voyager sculpture. 

After getting a bite to eat, we went back to our hostel where we all fell asleep for the night by 12:30am (and it wasn't dark out!) 

Tomorrow we will explore the golden circle! 

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