Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road - Day 10

Today we make our way back to Reykjavik!  We made our first stop at the Ingjaldsholl Church which was a super cute church up on a hill.  Apparently it's one of the oldest churches in Iceland and they claim maybe even the world!  There has been a church of some form standing on this site from at least they year 1211.  It claims to have had Christopher Columbus visit when he was discovering the world!

Our next stop was the Fishermen's Museum in the town of Rif.  It was closed because we're here on the off season, but the property has lots of great things to see!

There were pieces of old whale bone littering the lawn!

I love these turf houses! Who needs shingles anyway?!

Our next stop was a walk to see this Írskrabrunnur (Irish Well).  That is an ancient whale bone marking the top.

This area was also surrounded by lava flows! Angus wanted to know what if felt like to walk on, so he went out off the path to take a few steps!

After seeing so many black beaches, it was almost strange to see white sand here!

Our next stop was this light house Saxholsbarg in Ondverdarnes.  There are great cliffs for bird watching here!

Our next stop was this very busy tourist stop Djupalonssandur.  A pebble beach with a few great sights.

Scattered across the beach there are pieces of the Epine Trawler shipwreck.  They say that this beach is actually haunted!

There are also these old lifting stones used to test the strength of sailors in training.  The largest is called Fullsterkur and weighs 154 kg, the second is Halfsterkur and weighs 100 kg, third is Halfdraettingur weighing 54 kg and finally Amlodi meaning Weakling at 23 kg.

Our next stop was in Hellnar where we stopped for a coffee break and some play time.  We enjoyed coffee with a couple from Manhattan who were travelling with their little guy Everette! Everett's dad is a photographer and we had fun comparing our trips!  We have bumped into them a few times on this trip.

One of the things were were looking forward to in this area was seeing Snæfellsjökull - the mountain that inspired the story "Journey to the Centre of the Earth".  Unfortunately due to the weather, all we got to see was fog!

We finally made it to Reykjavik, and it was very rainy!! We felt that Logan deserved some play time, so we went puddle jumping!

Tomorrow we make our way back to the airport to head home!


Our flight ended up being delayed for 2 hours due to an air traffic controller strike, but the flight went great!

Logan was quite happy the entire flight and enjoyed playing with stickers (see them on his shirt).  He eventually fell asleep and slept until we got home!

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