Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Long and Winding Road - Day 2

We woke up this morning and had breakfast at our hostel before heading out on the road.  We were impressed by the snowy mountains as we started to make our way around the Golden Circle. 

Our first stop was at Thingvellir National Park.  This park is a UNESCO world heritage sight. 

We went for a little adventure walk with Logan in the pack to check out the lake Þingvallavatn, the largest natural lake in Iceland

It was quite cool and windy so we didn't stay for too long.  We started making our way to Lake Laugarvatn.  On our way we spotted our first "hobbit house" which we assume are usually barns for farm animals. 

Logan fell asleep on our way to the Lake, so Angus and I took turns going for a little walk.  There are 2 hot springs pools where you can pay money to bathe, but we decided to opt out this time.  But I checked it out from the edge of the lake.  Here is where we saw our first natural hot spring.

The water in the lake was actually boiling hot!

This lake has some  historical significance too.  Here is the sight of a bath from medieval times.

After Angus and I each had a turn walking around the lake area, and eating our PB & J sandwiches for lunch, we made our way to an Icelandic Farm down the road called Efstidalur.  Logan was very impressed by the Icelandic Horses and the cows!

From inside the little shop, you can see the cows being milked! Logan was very excited to try their ice cream!

After some play time, we continued on our way!

Our next stop was a bit of a challenge!  We had heard about the Bruarfoss waterfall, and had seen many pictures on Pinterest.  Everything we read explained how difficult it was to find!  There are no signs or road maps to direct you to this location.  Just a set of loose directions that one blogger wrote. They basically said, start here and turn left - keep going until you cross a bridge, then keep going until you hear water, walk towards the sound.

After returning to the car several times, we finally found ourselves going in the right direction!

It was totally worth it! This waterfall was gorgeous! 

Logan was excited to put his hands in the water! Angus carried him down, but once he was there, he wanted out! So we let him out to explore a bit, and he hiked himself back to the car.

The car was next to a play ground! So we let Logan enjoy some free time, where he slid down the steepest slide I've ever seen!

Our next stop was Geyser and Strokkur.  These geysers were very exciting for everyone watching, and when Stroker would blast, everyone would yelp!

As we strolled around, Logan kept yelling "Gey - ser!!!"

When we finished up there, we made our way to Gullfoss Waterfall.  Logan was sleeping in the car again, so Angus and I took turns walking out to see it.  

The next Waterfall was called Faxi.  It was right off the road, so we could leave Logan sleeping in the car for a quick picture.

By this time, it was almost 7:30 at night, and we decided to make our way to our Hostel in Selfoss.  After making some dinner for ourselves, and since Logan napped so late in the day, we decided to go back out! We drove to Kerið crater - a large crater which used to be a volcano.  

That was our last stop of the day.  We went back to the hostel and tried to sleep...we were glad that ts place had blackout curtains! The sky is never dark! 

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